Top 10 Hotels in New Zealand for 2022

New Zealand has many lovely hotels, and with so many beautiful locations throughout the country, it can be hard to pick out which ones are the best. Here’s our list of the top 10 hotels in New Zealand as of 2022.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels

There are many different reasons why people travel. There are vacations, holidays, and trips with friends and family. The variety of tourism is endless, but one thing remains; everyone loves to visit luxury hotels. Below you will find some of the top luxury hotels in New Zealand that could be next on your bucket list. Let’s start from number 5 and work our way up to number 1.

Top 5 Boutique/Vintage Hotels

In recent years, boutique and vintage hotels have become increasingly popular. These smaller hotels (usually with a maximum of 20 rooms) offer more of a personal touch than larger brands, so if you’re looking to make friends on your travels, these might be a good option. Boutique hotels are also known for their modern take on traditional decor and design themes. To see an example of what they look like, check out these famous boutique hotels that you can stay at—or even buy!—in Europe right now. For more information about small-chain luxury hotels and boutique lodging options around the world, check out Small Luxury Hotels International (SLH).

Top 3 Beach Resorts

Top hotels New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, from golden sands to crystal clear waters. If you’re planning a holiday to any of these top resorts, consider one that offers free WiFi so you can use your time off to relax and have fun. It’s worth taking a look at our list of top 3 beach resorts to get an idea of where you might want to go; here are some pros and cons for each: Otago District Beach Resort & Spa – pros: Invercargill’s only 4-star hotel; 4-star facilities, with lovely views across Wakapuaka River; Cons: Popular tourist spot close by maybe too busy; the local airport is far away.

Top 2 Country Holiday destinations

You can’t go wrong with either Queenstown or Auckland. First, let’s take a look at Auckland. Home to 2.4 million people, it’s New Zealand’s largest city. While Auckland certainly has plenty of attractions, you may want to consider a country escape from time to time. Here are two of our top picks: Hobbiton (near Matamata) and Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools (north of Christchurch). For those who love the outdoors and hiking, Queenstown is your spot.

Top 2 Wellness/Spa Resorts

Rangitoto Lodge and Spa are located just five minutes from Auckland’s city center, one-hour flight south of Auckland Airport. While staying at Rangitoto Lodge and Spa, guests can enjoy peaceful views of Rangitoto Island, some of Auckland’s most spectacular restaurants, and all that Auckland has to offer. With boutique accommodation, guest rooms are appointed with luxurious amenities such as large whirlpool baths, heated marble floors, and rainforest showers. Guests can also relax in The Spa Complex which features a large swimming pool with an underwater music system and spa pools with pebble beds.

Top 2 Small Cities

New Zealand is a country consisting of two main islands and numerous smaller islands. The capital city is Wellington, located on the southwestern tip of North Island, near Cook Strait. It has an urban population of around 405,000, making it New Zealand’s least populous capital city. The most popular tourist destination is Queenstown, which was named Best Place to Live in 2006 by National Geographic magazine.

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