Freedom Mortgage A Top 10 Mortgage Lender & Servicer

Freedom Mortgage A Top 10 Mortgage Lender & Servicer: Freedom Mortgage was founded in 1999 to make the mortgage process easier and faster for borrowers, and more profitable for the company’s employees and shareholders. Today, it has grown to become one of the top 10 mortgage lenders and servicers in the nation, having funded over $43 billion in loans as of 2017. Since its founding, Freedom Mortgage has expanded into multiple states, helping more borrowers than ever take advantage of their homeownership dreams. If you’re looking to buy or refinance your home, contact Freedom Mortgage today at 1-888-240-3439.

Freedom Mortgage

It’s a brand-new mortgage company that believes customer service and freedom are vital to achieving your goals. Freedom Mortgage is based in Chino Hills, California with over 30 years of industry experience. Freedom Mortgage provides services throughout Northern and Southern California as well as Arizona. Call today for your free consultation or visit our website!

Freedom Lending

Freedom Financial offers mortgage loans, refinancing, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), and other services to all consumers regardless of their financial history. Our goal is to become a top 5 lender within three years. We set ourselves apart from other lenders by offering mortgages that are customized for each customer’s needs rather than just applying one-size-fits-all rates and terms. Furthermore, our loan officers are accessible—answering customers’ questions 24/7 via phone, email, or through our website—to ensure that borrowers get all their questions answered before signing a loan agreement. This accessibility is important to us because it assures customers they will be guided every step of the way without having any unanswered questions.

Freedom Home Loans

Home Loan Options To Fit Your Life. From rural to urban and everything in between, Freedom Home Loans offers mortgage solutions for your unique needs. Our Freedom Advantage® mortgage products provide consumers across America with options that offer: Flexible loan terms – For any type of purchase or refinance transaction; from a studio apartment to a large home or commercial property. Flexible rates – So you can pick an interest rate that’s right for you; from fixed-rate loans at today’s competitive rates to adjustable-rate loans with competitive initial rates.

Freedom Mortgages

one of America’s top ten mortgage lenders has been successful by providing exceptional service and maintaining a leadership position in today’s competitive financial market. Freedom Mortgages provides quality service and dedicated customer service representatives to ensure you get a loan for your unique situation. With an experienced staff consisting of over 150 loan officers and professionals, we can meet all your mortgage needs whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing an existing loan. At Freedom Mortgages, our team is dedicated to making sure that you receive superior service at every step of your transaction process from start to finish.

Freedom First Financial

Throughout its 15 years in business, Freedom First Financial has made an incredible impact on people’s lives and played a key role in building a stronger nation. With more than 250 offices across America and thousands of employees, we are committed to helping Americans achieve homeownership; offering solutions that work with their current financial situation. One of our top priorities is educating consumers about financial issues such as debt management and housing assistance programs. We realize how important it is for our customers to stay updated on current trends and news so they can make educated decisions for themselves, which is why we strive to stay ahead of everyone else when it comes to innovation.

The #1 Reason To Choose Freedom

It’s no surprise that Freedom is a top mortgage lender and servicer. It’s what we do best. But Freedom does more than just lend; we work with our customers every step of the way to help them meet their financial goals—and put their plans into action with expert guidance along the way. So if you’re looking for a mortgage lender or servicer that’s willing to get to know you and your unique situation, you can trust in Freedom. If a top-10 company isn’t good enough for you, then we can work with you on options that are right for your unique needs!

Free Consultation + No Fee If You Don’t Close

Working with Freedom Mortgage has never been easier. We pride ourselves on providing customers across all 50 states with some of America’s best mortgage products. Whether you’re looking to buy, refinance or need home loan assistance, Freedom provides real answers and no surprises. Request a free consultation today!

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Nowadays, many people can relate to having a long and arduous journey when it comes to purchasing their first home. With all of today’s various loan programs and mortgage types available, most are left wondering if they will be able to find a loan officer who is willing to take time out of their day and guide them through what seems like an endless process. This can often result in a stressful experience for all parties involved. At Freedom Mortgage, we pride ourselves on taking all of these factors into consideration so that you have an enjoyable experience from start to finish!

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