5 Tips to Get the Best Auto Insurance Rates

5 Tips to Get the Best Auto Insurance Rates: How do you get auto insurance? Whether you’re just starting on your own and need a first car, or you’re in the market to replace an old clunker, buying auto insurance can seem like an overwhelming process. However, by following these five tips, you can simplify your search and find the best rates.

1) Shop Around

Shopping around for car insurance rates is both an easy and effective way to save money. With a little digging, you can find a great deal on coverage—typically 10% off or more. Simply enter your zip code into our comparison tool and you’ll be presented with competing quotes from different providers in your area. You can then make a side-by-side comparison of each quote to see which one best fits your budget and needs. Shopping around only takes a few minutes but could save you hundreds of dollars over time. For example, let’s say you get five quotes over time; if they averaged $1,000 in savings per year, that’s $5,000 less than what you would have paid without shopping around!

2) Find Accurate Quotes

The biggest mistake people make when shopping for car insurance is getting auto insurance quotes that aren’t accurate. To save money on auto insurance, you should always get multiple auto insurance quotes from different agencies. Online websites that offer access to many insurers are a great place to start your comparison shopping. Look for an agency with no hidden fees and search for policies that will provide you with coverage options within your budget range. Also, keep in mind that how much you pay for your auto insurance depends on where you live. For example, rates tend to be higher in states like New York than in states like Iowa.

3) Know Your Driving Record

Understanding how your driving record will affect your insurance premiums is an important part of getting auto insurance. Do you often get speeding tickets? Drive under suspension? If so, you can expect a higher auto insurance premium (both initially and over time). Drivers with a poor driving record can pay as much as three times more than drivers with an excellent one. If you want to get cheap auto insurance rates, make sure that your driving record is in good standing.

4) Consider Discounts

One of the best ways to get cheap auto insurance is by bundling your policies. For example, add the home and/or renter’s insurance—both of which are required in most states—to your auto policy. You might also qualify for discounts on good grades or student status. And, if you have multiple vehicles on one policy, you can likely score a discount. AARP members save up to 15% on auto insurance so don’t forget about that membership discount! It could mean big savings on all of your insurance policies from cars and motorcycles to homeowners and renters.

5) Compare Policies

Before you get an auto insurance quote, take a look at your car’s current coverage. When you have a comprehensive understanding of your current plan and your needs, it will be easier to compare policies and find one that meets your price range. Don’t forget about other factors such as liability and vehicle service contracts when evaluating quotes. If you have any questions about comparing auto insurance policies, consult with an agent or call a customer service hotline. Having all of these options is useful for getting information on how to get auto insurance at an affordable rate.

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